Drizzly Day on the Beach and Pegasus Loves It

Rainy or drizzly days on Alki Beach can be a bit of a downer.. Especially since there are so many days like that in given year here in West Seattle. People have come to expect the weather might not be the best, the expect to get cold, the expect to get wet. What they also expect is that Pegasus Pizza and Pasta on Alki will always be here to warm people up with our Greek style pizza and pasta. Just today a couple stopped by looking especially cold and wet. They took off their coats shook off the rain drops and took a table by the window. They sat and had a pizza and beer while enjoying the awesome  view. They seemed relaxed and content, and this is exactly the way we want people to feel when coming into Pegasus Pizza and Pasta. Contentment. Alki beach is magical, Pegasus just lets you enjoy the magic.