About Pegasus Pizza

The beautiful winged horse in Greek Mythology was created by Poseidon (God of the Sea) from the drops of blood that had fallen into the sea from Medusa's severed head. After his birth, Pegasus flew to Mt. Helicon, where the magic steed's hoof struck the ground causing a spring to flow. This spring became a sacred source of poetic inspiration to the Muses.

The wild Pegasus was finally tamed by Bellerophon with the aid of a golden bridle given him by the Goddess Athena. Bellerophon, mounted on his winged horse, won many battles and detroyed the fire-breathing dragon Chimera. Bellerophon, however, was overcome by his own pride and when he attempted to fly to the top of Olympus to join the gods, the wise horse threw him, leaving Bellerophon to wander aimlessly, hated by the gods.

Pegasus became a constellation in the night sky and a servant to Zeus, as the carrier of lightening and thunderbolts. Pegasus' soaring flight was a symol of the soul's immortality and poetic inspiration even to this day.